The CIS online, Certified Incentive Specialist, is an entry level certification program from SITE exclusive for members who have been in the industry for 5 or more years.

Professionals from around the globe will acquire in an efficient manner a broad comprehension of the incentive travel industry. All emerging professionals, faculty members and students aspiring to enter this specialized segment of the meetings and events industry may use CIS as a stepping stone to reach higher levels of professionalism.

Individuals will - in a two day seminar/workshop - learn the fundamentals of incentives, the origins of incentive programs and incentive travel, the value chain, the value proposition of motivational programs and non-cash awards, the composition of the market, the makings of a program and a program budget, industry tools and platforms and other valuable information.

Should you already be a professional with previous experience, CIS will provide you with elements to reach higher standards of education and industry best practice.


Program Content

This module will introduce participants into the world of Incentives and Motivational experiences, setting the basis for an overall understanding of this segment of the market. This is the answer to the question: Why incentives or motivational experiences and incentive travel?

This module will showcase the market for incentive travel and motivational experiences. The actors, the scenario and the timing: This module is the answer to the questions: Who, where and when?

This module will introduce the participant to the actual process of incentive travel and motivational experiences from varying value chain perspectives. The module will effectively cover the roadmap for planning and delivery. This module is the answer to the questions: What and How?

This module will initiate participants in market phenomena.




Comments from other individuals

  • Sandy


    I really enjoyed the website and the flow of the certificiation process.  Well done.

  • Devon


    It was easy to navigate through the site and select courses and download materials. Some of the materials had typos and 1-2 of the png files were unreadable. There were also several questions that were not covered in the course materials, but overall good content and happy to have taken the course and now certified!

  • Christine


    Content covered in some modules did not thoroughly prepare you to take the exam. Poor quality of videos with slides.  Course seemed disorganized at times.   Was able to learn some aspects of the business, but was expecting to have a more in depth unerstanding of the business overall.

  • Hope


    I felt that there were definite elements of the course that were lacking material and then were quizzed on in the exam. Overall, the course is beneficial though.

  • Emily


    It seems like some of the Units were out of order and a little hard to understand. I would have liked to see more of the actual vidoe presenations. Also, the quiz questions were not all covered in the documents material or the video presentations - some were not clearly written. It was good content - just needs help with the organization throughout the modules. Thank you! 

  • Geoff


    Hi it's a nice course to learn the basics / overview. Please state somewhere that some Module Unit's don't have videos, as I searched forever and the downloads didn't work at the time so there was no way of knowing what was in them for a while. And please check the sequences - some Units are duplicated.  

    See you at the next international conference!

    Best regards,

    Geoff Saner

    South Africa

  • Barbara


    The program was very informative. I liked the ROI portion the best.

  • Kevin


    It was a good high-level overview of the incentive industry.  Some of the questions were awkwardly worded, but the answers were accurately described.

  • Ileana


    It is a time efficient online program, however it needs some updates and improvements. There should be more reading articles and/or more complete videos to provide more detailed information on some of the subjects/units.

  • Angela


    Very nice program!

  • Thulan


    It was good.  Thanks!

  • Kerri


    Efficient on line course for those of us who can't take in person....Trends need to be updated (e.g. Dana says something about that being true even through the recession, but we are not in a recession.  There is another part that mentions ideas for amenities such as daily newspapers with a customized wrap.  I don't know of anyone who does newspaper deliveries anymore.  It would be great to get speakers directly from the specific industries also for a variety of views.  (A few DMCs, a few hotel suppliers, a few planners, etc.)  Otherwise, I truly appreciate this course being offered and it is a good base especially for those just starting out in our industry. 

  • Lacey


    This is a very efficient on-line training! 

  • Lisa


    The coursework was moderately effective and has room for improvement. The slides to download really do need the footnotes and the background behind just what is written on the slides. A few case studies or examples would really improve the online learning experience. Calculating program ROI and cost featured two different methodologies for the math in ONE key area, which was a little confusing.

  • Barbara


    I appreciate having the online option to take the test - it was informative and efficient!

  • Evan


    Great course! Very informative.

  • Erica


    some of the session was too generic and wasn't specific enough to feel learning something new but also understand people who participate this course have different level of understanding and knowledge of the field. 

  • Roger


    The online course is a great option for those of us with crazy schedules.

  • Seth


    Excellent to have a user friendly online option!  

  • Lisa


    Thank you for offering the on-line is a convenient way to offer the course and allows flexibility with personal schedules.

  • Melinda


    Thank you for putting it together to get a better understanding of the industry (despite my technical troubles, which are probably "the user").  :)

  • Karla


    Enjoyed the video modules! 

  • Melinda


    I had a bit of trouble getting the online content.   I had to use a variety of too.s to access it between a computer, laptop, iPhone.

  • Miguel


    great way to learn and understand the industry

  • Madison


    The quiz from the 1st module isn't showing up at all on the main page where the other 3 are showing. I've also tried to access it from the chapter page from the 1st module and it just bumps me back to the home page. I've watched all videos and since I can't take the 1st module exam, it won't let me take the others. Very unproductive and frustrating. 

  • Stacy


    Good information

  • Anne


    I was not able to access the quizzes at the end of each module.  When it came time to access the quiz, it automatically bumped me to the home learning page.

  • Erica


    In module 2, units 5 & 6 show the same video. Is this correct?

  • Erica


    Oops... I meant units 4 & 5 show the same video in Unit 2. Is there any way to get the correct video that is missing?

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