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  • Sasithon (Kae)


    This course help me more knowledge for the incentive group work, How was their expect and tip trick from the instructor.

  • Venia


    Thank you, I learn so much from CIS course, especially from Mr Fernando and Mr Bert. Is the best time to learn esp now when tourism is down. 
    Will, we will be ready and more systematic when tourism is back again. The certification and the relationship with our clients will bring us closer and professional when presenting a tourism Incentive Program. 

  • Hatairat


    My key takeaway

    1) To undrerstand deeply meaning of "incentive"

    2) To understand how dificult to make one incentive group successfully.

    3) To get to know more organizations internationally wihich is large net work of our hotel.

  • Sasikarn


    Great course, filled with all knowledge!

  • Voraruetai


    This course helps me to understand more on the incentives from different angles.



    The speakers did a tremendous job in explaining and the syllabus was easy to understand. This course can easily help one to see and understand incentive in different persepctives. Thank you.

  • Cecilia


    I have learned alot over these 2days from both great speakers, Mr Fernando & Mr Bert. Thank you so much for this exposure! 

  • Pauline Chong


    Thank you very much .

  • Ching Yuan


    Thank you (CIS & Taitra) so much for providing such a great Online Certificate Course for us.

    The 2 lecturers are both experienced and good at explaining related concepts and knowledge, which helps to enrich my knowledge base. 

    Thank you again and hope to meet you soon in future.

    Thank you Amy, Marie, you did wonderful job and of help a lot!! 

  • Suhbpong


    Excellent couirse. More case studies would be an improvements

  • Chen


    I personally gained a lot from the section of Incentive Program and Delivery, which I didn’t know much before attending Mr. Weaver’s course.

  • Gillian



  • Gabriel



  • Jason


    A great program for those who are new to the industry and the certification course creates new opportunities to network with industry peers! Well Done!

  • Jerchin


    good course

  • Ying Siou


    Great services!

  • Salome


    Pursuing this program I learned more indepth knowlege of how the incentive industry work.  I know about the Incentive houses but never thought they all did the same thing now I can deferenciate between the Full service Incentive houses and the Incentive house what they differ in role

    Knowlege I gained during these hours  was very valueable and will only assist me while I continue to serve the industry.

  • Riley


    Course content really needs to be updated with examples and topics that are more up-to-date. The example programs were pretty dated, so I'm hoping we are able to help contribute some content for future courses! Event technology and onsite gifting could be included so we can be learning about items our clients are asking for in the last few years.

  • Roberta


    The slides could be updated slightly with more relevant "with the times" videos etc.

  • Jenifer


    The process of registering and the class itself were easy and enjoyable. The instructors were great, very knowledgeable! I do feel there is a need for a more intermediate or advanced course. I would say about half the class was beyond entry level. 

    I particularly enjoyed the content about selling/presenting incentive programs. 

    Lastly, I was not able to complete the evaluation, technical error. I will gladly take it later if it's corrected and resent to me via email. 

    Jeni Trinder

  • Cristina


    I really enjoyed the course and learned different side/needs of our business.  I do think though that there should be more content that includes cruise lines as also a Supplier as its not only Hotels and Resorts.  If we keep it out it will never be top of mind as a possible program option for Incentive programs

  • Jane


    13JUN17 - As a professional in the tourism and travel business, and a long time member of SITE, I have always wanted to be certified and recognized as a incentive travel professional and feel this course was an excellent introduction to incentive travel. I also want to thank the faculty members who took the time and dedication out of their busy lives to educate us in this wonderful world of incentive and motivational programs.

  • Matthew


    The course was very informative. It gave a good overview of incentive travel from a variety of angles. I particularly appreciated the explanation of the different roles that various kinds of companies have (incentive houses vs fulfillment houses etc). It would be nice for the teachers to read less from the powerpoint, as the powerpoint is only in bullet points and it is confusing when the teacher doesn't speak in complete sentences to link together the sometimes fragmentary bullet points on the powerpoint. Also I was expecting a section on how to *find* or develop incentive business and was very disappointed that this was not discussed. Overall it was a good course and I'm glad I took it.

  • Katherine


    I very much enjoyed the course! Speakers (Bill Sellmer and Dana Weaver) were extremely knowledgeable bringing extensive industry knowledge. 

    My only critique would be to update the presentation with more up-to-date information. 

    Overall, loved it and very grateful!

  • Mario


    The program was very well delivered by Dana and Bill. It is true there is a lot of infomration to go over and that makes it feel a bit repetitive so it may be good to sumarize and exemplify most important aspects. It was mentioned that the video examples for instance are not very current so these may be renewed to have a better reference. In general I enjoyed the course and do feel that i have learned something else about this great industry.

    Thank you!

  • Susan


    Great course.  Dana was amazing. Marie-Claude was very helpful with the registration process. Thank you.

  • Yesim


    1)Reconnection with industry piers

    2)Getting to know more about SITE

    3)Learning more about other aspects of the industry from Buyers and Incentive House's point of view.

    Would appreciate a little more on latest technology trends & softwares  

  • Jamel


    I truly enjoyed the course. Both presenters were knowledgable and relatable. The information was extremely relevant to what I do. I look forward to learning more about SITE and possibly becoming a member. If all goes well I would like to do the CITE certification as well.

  • Rodrigo


    In general, the information on the presentations it is very useful. Will be great to update some of the facts or pictures

    Both of the instructors are very knowledgeable and great personality. All the class was very attentive and the ambience was great

    In general , it is a great experience, and I am glad to take this certification

    As a Hotelier and as a professional it is very important to achieve the CIS

    Thank You very much

    Rodrigo Martinez

  • Janine


    This was a good and excelent  course that I will recommend to my tourism partners in Curacao.

  • Lori


    I am very glad I made the investment in time, travel and money to attend this course.  It was very useful.

  • Jennifer


    This was great class with useful information and networking opportunities. 

  • Hilda


    Being a recent graduate of the CTSM program, CIS is a great addition to my experience in teh events and trade show industry. Great venue to meet industry professionals and create new friendships. Would recommend the course.

  • Irely


    It was a great certification, i really enjoy the process and learned really much about the incentive programs process of creation, trends and specifics. 


    thank you for a great experience! 

  • Yvonne Acevedo


    The course was great! Very informative, punctual and fun! I liked the networking opportunities, the great advice, and the sharing of ideas. Also, the slides were very in tune to what the test questions were like. Thank you!

  • Vanessa Castillo


    It was a great experience and a great way to refresh what I have learned thru out the years. Looking forward to many years with SITE. 

  • Frances Guihurt


    Great information that I learned!!!! I really enjoyed the curses and the discussions of the modules. The exercise made helped me to really understand the complexity and importance at the moment of planning incentive programs. Thank you!!!

  • Amy Butterfield


    This was a great entry level course.    In the future, I would like the opportunity to delve deeper into the more in depth information about budgeting and creating successful WOW incentives

  • Louise Stevens


    Pay attention to all details no matter how small

    You can look at many different venues for functions

    Never promise something that you cannot deliver

  • Mary K. Szafarski


    I have been in the hospitality industry for over 20 years, but newer to the incentive travel industry. This course gave me a comprehensive overview of incentive travel and I learned many new "best practices" that I can take back to my daily work environment.

  • Joyce Mendez


    The course was great and the facilitators did an excellent job assisting us in understanding the concept.

  • Cindy Aldea


    Great to freshen up on details and ideas that I had previously encountered in my events.


    Do's and don't's is always a good part of sessions.


    I feel accomplished getting this certification.  Another step up in my career.  Thank you for this opportunity!



  • Wichita Villacres


    brought me to remember things you take for granted

    great review which should be done every once in a while

    feeling like you are back in school :-)

    read the questions well before responding

    " site is a class act "

    recommend the CIS to everyone


  • Maxine Lockhart


    This course is a great opportunity to learn and also as a refreshers for experience planners.   Jim and Dana are excellent presenters and makes the course easy to understand.   Thank you .

  • Eileen Rivera


    It was a great refresher on what buyers are looking for and what factors in when choosing to do an incentive. I specially enjoyed the calculations on bugdet for an incentive. I used to wonder how they came up with the pp or per couple numbers. That was enlighting for me as a supplier. Thank you for a wonderful experience!

  • Patricia Villali


    The course was very complete and allowed for attendees of different parts of the industry to get an overall grasp on the specifics of incentive travel.  Good overall information and a great opportunity to network.

  • Cristy Jacob


    Enjoyed meeting new people and networking with people from all over. 

    Enjoyed the instructors.

    The lessons were straight forward

  • Marilena Hopkinson


    The CIS course was excellent and informational.  Having 10 min breaks each hour works well and helps immensely with concentrating on the material.  Also an enjoyable way to meet industry peers.  One request, it would have been useful to receive some of the general suggested reading material ahead of time vs the evening after the presentation.  Overall great with great presenters.  in addition lovely resort / surroundings Gran Melia in Puerto Rico.

  • Xiomara Delgado


    Great opportunity to review terms and new trends. I am taking with me: good advices and new ideas. Gracias!


  • Austen Canonica


    The CIS course was very informative and relative. I particularly appreciated how current the examples used were, including all of the videos that highlighted specific incentive travel successes. Three takeaways from this experience are as follows:

    1. Incentive travel is not a luxury, it is a necessity; statstics justify the success of well-palnned and organizaed incentive trips.
    2. Group incentive trips build commaraderie, team-building, and encourage networking. Individual incentive trips are convenient for scheduling, customization, and cost efficiency from the organization's standpoint.
    3. Attention to detail is paramount; some clients demand perfection, so it is critical not to overlook any one component of an incentive travel program.

    Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to meet with so many charismatic and ambitious individuals. The Gran Melia in Puerto Rico was a spectacular venue. Special thanks to Dana, Jim, Wichita, and Jorge for putting everything together; this was a truly unforgettable and educational experience!

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