Do I have a time frame when I must complete the CIS online program ?

Yes, you have 365 days from the moment you paid for the program

Can you share the length of study, commitment for the certification?

There are 47 videos 2 minutes average in length each. Perhaps over 1.5 hours all together. Plus white papers and SITE Indexes, perhaps another hour.


Is the CIS similar to the CMP ?

The CIS is about comprehension of incentive program language, incentive travel and design, with almost no need to memorize anything. All the content is about incentive programs and incentive travel.

Is the CIS online similar to the CIS in person ?

Most of the resources come from the CIS in-person, the in-person program is much more thorough. In the in-person program you get the benefit of sharing with other colleagues face to face, ask questions or make comments. The presenters make sure concepts are understood, share examples and organize workshops. In the in-person program there is much more emphasis in the learning process while the online program is more focused on the exams. The in-person program is a 12 hour education program which does not have any pre-requisites and is open for any individual across the globe, while the online version is only available for SITE members and certifies your knowledge, therefore the need to prove 5 years experience in the industry.


How many questions in the exams ?

100 multiple choice questions altogether

Can I break up the order of the exams ?: for example, beginning the process by starting with Module 3 first instead of Module 1?

No, they have to be done in consecutive order starting with Module 1 and ending with Module 4.

What happens if I do not pass one of the exams ?

You will have another opportunity to take the exam, however you need to contact us first to make arrangements to do so as the exams are available only once.

What is the minimum percentage of correct answers needed to pass the exam?

You need 70 % to pass


I see the modules are online. I’ll be traveling internationally is there any material that I can print off and take with me on the plane?

Yes everything that is not a video is downloadable and you may print it, or save it in your HD

I want to continue my learning to Module 2 as I've watched the videos all the way through 1- but when I click next no video comes up- what am I missing ?

Not all the lessons have videos to see, some have only graphic content, this is why the video icon does not appear in all the lessons